Grab a copy of a set list and all files from unrealBook

Version 1.93 of unrealBook and version 1.01 of unrealBook Mobile can handle zipped set list files.

Visual steps here.

On your iPad, run unrealBook, select your set list. Use the + button on the set list toolbar (left side of set list toolbar) and choose
Email Set List and All Files. Email the zipped set list to yourself.

(This may seem long, but in reality it is very quick)
On your iPhone, open the mail app and check your mail. Once the email with your set list appears, read it. You will see a button on the bottom of the email called Tap to Download. Tap the button and your set list file will download.Once the download has finished, the button will say zip and below. Press zip. You will see an icon at the top right - it is a box with an arrow pointing up. Press that icon and a window will appear from the bottom of the iPhone. Scroll the icons left until you see Open in unrealBook Mobile. Press the unrealBook mobile icon. unrealBook mobile will run and will ask you if you want to Unzip and Overwrite. Press Unzip and Overwrite. Now go into the Set Lists menu and find your set list. If you press your set list, you will be able to view all of your files.

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